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Beating for the Harmony Ultimate

The Harmony Ultimate is a great remote, but the folks at Logitech have deliberately dumbed down our ability to program it.  Case in point, precise activity control.  There is no way you can add a precise startup sequence containing input … Continue reading

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Another big leap for supercapacitive batteries.

I ran tracked this down after hearing an article on NPR this morning.  There has been a major leap forward in supercapacitor based energy density using straight-forward manufacturing techniques.  Expect this technology to start hitting all facets of the electrical … Continue reading

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Today’s talking point.

RFID Chip Now Being Issued In Hanna, Wyoming As Part Of New “Obamacare” Plan Read all about this at!  Or don’t if you support a different view…… The point here is simple. The internet is a compelling tool. While … Continue reading

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A letter from Elon Musk

We received this letter from Elon Musk in our inbox yesterday. October 4, 2013 About the Model S fire By Elon Musk, Chairman, Product Architect & CEO Earlier this week, a Model S traveling at highway speed struck a large metal object, causing … Continue reading

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Test driving the Tesla Model S.

Yesterday we took this car for a spin.  Its a Tesla Model S with the 85K+ performance package and all the toys you’d expect in a luxury automobile.  I’m a tough customer too since I’m used to the performance, luxury, … Continue reading

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Monitoring Array Output with TED

Monitoring array output is pretty simple with my TED5000.  Once I extended the computer room circuit up to the attic, I installed a new MTU, clamped the circuit taps around the array hot wires and registered everything using the web interface. … Continue reading

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Distributed power and the Utilities. Change is in the wind…

I ran across this one while randomly surfing yesterday and I must say that its content couldn’t be more timely.  Distributed Solar installations such as the one I’m building have the potential to change the very nature of energy distribution … Continue reading

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The 1KW system is up and running!

The array was commissioned without a hitch last Friday.  It was a fairly simple process too.  Essentially, the WE Energies engineer had me switch on the disconnect then he waited for the meter to register energy production.  After five minutes, … Continue reading

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We passed inspection! Commissioning is set for 9/13.

The inspector and my contractor showed up yesterday and the setup breezed through inspection.  Having a parallel PV installation was key here since it split out the existing residential/expense side of my electrical installation from the new commercial/revenue side. As … Continue reading

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Completed installation; we are ready for inspection!

My contractor has finished the array connections and a nicely done piece of work it is too!  Here’s a few shots of the roof mounted junction box: The box itself contains a DIN rail that can be used for surge … Continue reading

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