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VMworld 2010… it’s getting better

VMworld 2010 is in San Francisco again this year.  16,000 geeks attending.  It’s easy to see that the technology is maturing; VMware is working hard to address the different issues surrounding enterprise virtualization.  Here’s a few notables: vShield Endpoint. Ok, … Continue reading

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Muslims didn’t destroy the twin towers. Al-qaeda did.

I’m surprised and appalled by all the anti-Muslim rhetoric that’s been flying around these days.  There’s a Qur’an burning planned in Florida.  Tennessee Lt. Gov. Ron Ramsey wants to have the Muslim religion declared a cult and therefore exempt from … Continue reading

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LED lighting developments

Our world is about to change folks.  Looks like the holy grail is going to be in our hands by the third quarter of 2010. I’m talking of course, about fully dimmable 60 watt equivalent (800 lumens) LED lightbulbs in … Continue reading

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Flying Yachts anyone?

A friend pinged me on FB this morning with a very interesting link.  For those of us who have millions to throw around, hang on to your wallets because this one’s on the drawing board: At last, a hi-tech superyacht … Continue reading

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NOVA: The Parthenon

I was haunting the finish carpentry forum of one of my favorite construction sites JLC Online last night when I ran across an interesting thread.  It seems that the Parthenon has been a restoration project for the last 40 years … Continue reading

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Here’s something cool!

I ran across this one last night.  How about a plug-in solar panel!  Ok, not rocket science you might think but not so fast…  Here’s a quote from a recent CNN article on this: “The company, Clarian Power, aims to … Continue reading

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Why our planet is “fragile”

By now, it should be pretty obvious to everybody that global warming is a fact.  More likely than not, it is we humans who are precipitating it as well. Given this, the “There is no global warming” camp now appears … Continue reading

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Why can’t we build Interstate systems any more?

Think about it.  In 1956 the largest public works project in our history was undertaken.  Today, what would be considered the unthinkable occurred: government came in and took possession of homes, sometimes whole towns as part of a plan to … Continue reading

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WordPress Template Customization

Steep learning curve. It took a bit of work to get EW working for CSS customizations on this site.

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WordPress Installation

I just completed the wordpress install. Interesting time. To actually get the “5 minute install” working I had to set up the wordpress site and launch the readme file.  That took 45 minutes…

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