Test driving the Tesla Model S.


Yesterday we took this car for a spin.  Its a Tesla Model S with the 85K+ performance package and all the toys you’d expect in a luxury automobile.  I’m a tough customer too since I’m used to the performance, luxury, and handling of my BMW 5 series.

Well, after the test drive all I can say is this: Wow, what a car!

Brain dump follows:

  •  Everything you ever thought about cars is dead. This is a whole new paradigm. The model S performs like a BMW E39 M5 but acceleration is constant across the entire speed range. This car darts.
  •  The doors don’t even have locks… The map display is the size of a road atlas. No noise except tires. No engine to shut off so you just leave when you are done & it does the rest.  Conversely, as you approach the door handles pop out and the climate system engages.  When you sit down in the driver’s seat, automotive systems light up.  Too cool!
  •  It’ll cost us 800-1000 a month more than we spend on our cars now but in 3 years Tesla will buy it back for more than the remaining amount on the loan. Guaranteed. Its an investment!
  • The down payment is mostly covered by the Federal tax rebate.

Here’s a clip showing Angel getting some experience with regenerative braking…

Here’s a few more shots.  Look at the size of the full map display!  I have an old Rand McNally atlas that’s about that same size…


Another shot of the display, this time showing the backup camera.  There isn’t a knob or a button to be found in a Tesla except where you expect to find them.


Everything in this car makes sense.  There’s a little stick on the right side of the wheel.  Push up for drive, down for reverse.  Tap for park.   Left side has familiar lighting and cruise control sticks.  On the left door are the mirror/window controls right where you expect them to be.  The display is so big that its easy to see and use the touch screen controls.  In fact, in the image above you can see the climate system controls below the backup cam view.

Here’s what’s really cool: our 4KW solar array is designed to power this zero emissions car for over 14,000 miles a year.  Our Tesla will be powered by the sun!

Once again, its a whole new world folks.


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