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New Nanotech Batteries Might Get Wind and Solar on the Grid

Here’s an article I found while randomly surfing today.  One of the biggest hurdles to the wide adoption of renewable energy sources is their intermittent availability.  A way to store that energy then meter it out in a measured, continuous … Continue reading

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Scenes from an election rally

The family went to the President’s rally in Milwaukee yesterday.  My daughter Erika who is ten and my eight year old son Alex were both excited to go and see our President talk. I think its important for children to … Continue reading

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Another metric used to determine a President’s right to a second term is the analysis of campaign promises made vs. campaign promises kept.  This is a difficult metric to gauge since many factors affect one’s ability to deliver on promises.  Remember … Continue reading

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In second term elections, a president must ultimately run on his administration’s accomplishments and against the inevitable promise of “Great Change” from his challenger. …so, I thought I’d list a few of the more important ones. (Just a couple of) … Continue reading

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