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I wonder what it was like…

Our Fragile Planet has faced 5 great extinctions during it’s 4.5 billion year history. First major extinction (c. 440 million years ago): Climate change (relatively severe and sudden global cooling) seems to have been at work at the first of … Continue reading

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Take a look at this: No, not a hurricane in the traditional sense, but an intense, record setting  low pressure system that quickly formed over the Midwest United States.   In Wisconsin, on Tuesday morning October 26th at 11:35 AM, the … Continue reading

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Wind Power without the blades.

Uncovered a link to this article on Facebook today.  Unbelievable new way to turn windpower into energy while avoiding every problem associated with traditional wind turbines.  The system also uses a two chamber hydro system to store energy.  I drew … Continue reading

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Google. Doing the right thing.

Here’s something to be happy about!  All is not lost for the American alternative energy industry it would appear: Source: The UK Guardian Publication date: October 12, 2010 By Edward Helmore Google is extending its investment in green technology with … Continue reading

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The R-5 Program and your sliding patio doors

Do you know about the government R-5 program?  Essentially, its a way to reduce replacement window/patio door costs by combining volume purchase economics with a pool of window manufacturers who can get government subsidies when they provide substantial discounts.  The … Continue reading

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Second Place equals First Loser

This just in:  The United States is now second behind China as a recipient for green energy investment dollars. A new report released on September 8th by Ernst & Young reveals China has taken the top slot from the U.S. … Continue reading

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