The Dawn of GOP and Trump.

Here I am on the 9th of November contemplating an election victory that handed congress, the presidency and soon the supreme court to the GOP.  America looks like this to me currently:

  • Dow Jones 18,300
  • my retirement nest egg value: 340K
  • Unemployment 4.9% as measured by the Bureau of Labor Statistics
  • My income: middle tier along with 53% of adults having a 4 person family
  • American boots-on-the-ground conflicts: 0
  • Cost of Health Insurance: $656/mo for family includes 320/mo HSA contribution.

With the GOP in power, the bottom line is that I believe we can expect the following:

  • repeal the ACA immediately.
  • install conservative justice in Supreme Court
  • dismantle clean air regulations and green initiatives
  • rescind Obama’s executive orders
  • nullify Rowe v. Wade within 2 years

I’m not sure what they will do on

  • trade agreements
  • replace the ACA (pretty sure nothing will get done here)

never gonna happen:

  • build a wall and make Mexico pay for it
  • bar Muslims from entering the country
  • provide good jobs for all Americans

I’ll update this blog as time progresses….. stay tuned!


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