The 1KW system is up and running!

The array was commissioned without a hitch last Friday.  It was a fairly simple process too.  Essentially, the WE Energies engineer had me switch on the disconnect then he waited for the meter to register energy production.  After five minutes, the array went into energy production mode and they saw what they were looking for.  Since the inverters themselves conform to UL1741, anti-islanding was guaranteed and that’s all WE Energies needed to see.  I signed the Distributed Generation Interconnection Agreement, everybody shook hands and they left.

Anti-climatic if you ask me.

Next up:

Extend the TED monitoring branch circuit up to the 6x6x6 junction box in the attic then install a TED5000 CT there so I can begin tracking detailed energy production.

By the way, I checked the price for OPT-265 solar panels and they are down to $281.  I paid $324 for ours.  M-215 inverter prices are also dropping since a higher powered M-250 was introduced in August.  We’re going to save quite a bit of money if this trend continues when we bring the remaining 3KW online next summer.

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