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How to do a Solar Survey

PVWatts is a good tool that uses average sunshine data to predict solar collector efficiency, but there’s another important factor to the equation: shading.  Once you determine the shading factor, the PVWatts data can be multiplied by the sun percentage … Continue reading

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Solar project progress: Surveys and Rebates

There are a number of tools out there to help plan a PV installation. One of the most useful is the PVWATTS solar energy calculator. PVWATTS uses nationally compiled solar survey data to estimate location specific energy production based on array efficiency, panel … Continue reading

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We’re going Green!

These days, prices on Solar power panels have been dropping like stones while the technology to use them as well as the connection/mounting standards to install them have been advancing at “Warp Factor Nine”.   Of course, these rapid advancements … Continue reading

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