Why our planet is “fragile”

By now, it should be pretty obvious to everybody that global warming is a fact.  More likely than not, it is we humans who are precipitating it as well.

Given this, the “There is no global warming” camp now appears to be evolving to a “the earth has always had climate swings so there’s no big worry” camp.

“The earth has always had climate swings”.  True.

The problem of course is that global warming is a potentially catastrophic event no matter where our opinion lies.  Because the earth is fragile.  To us.

The planet has always had great climate swings.  The people who say this are completely correct.  However, with those swings, life has changed.  Dominant species have been wiped out, replaced by others more suited to the new environment.

While life is adaptable, the individual species that comprise it are not.  By changing our environment in the manner we are now doing, we risk wiping out our species in less than 10 generations.

This is why we live on a fragile planet.

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