VMworld 2010… it’s getting better

VMworld 2010 is in San Francisco again this year.  16,000 geeks attending.  It’s easy to see that the technology is maturing; VMware is working hard to address the different issues surrounding enterprise virtualization.  Here’s a few notables:

vShield Endpoint.

Ok, so the hypervisor controls all IO to a VM right? Sooo, why not build a Security VM (SVM) and direct traffic there too.   Now plug in your favorite AV provider (Trend Micro now and other’s coming soon) on the SVM and voila!  All antivirus is now centralized.  No need to run it on all the VMs since the central system is monitoring all disk/network traffic.  Cool.

Watch out!  ESX is going going gone!

vSphere 4.1 is the last to support the service console enabled hypervisor.  Starting with 4.2 it’s ESXi only folks.  Better get going on vCLI and vPowershell since all your favorite command line stuff is pretty much there.  Say bye to agents too.  third party drivers are installed with the update manager now.

There’s an improved Tech Support mode, more functionality in the DCUI and in short, a few different ways to git ‘r done.  I’m firing up ESXi ASAP.

Snapshot deltas….

Are going away itnf!!! I can hardly wait.  Hopefully they’ll be leveraging some EMC tech to replace this POS implementation.  Can anyone say COFW? (EMC geek insiders know…)

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