Flying Yachts anyone?

A friend pinged me on FB this morning with a very interesting link.  For those of us who have millions to throw around, hang on to your wallets because this one’s on the drawing board:

At last, a hi-tech superyacht that can fly.

Designed by noted futurist Yelken Octuri, the boat’s sails are a take off on the design from the America’s cup winning yacht which proved that a vertical wing was a viable sail design. This yacht features 4 which can be lowered to a horizontal position to provide fore and aft wings. Then, open ‘er up and set sail for the other side of the world. Check out Yelken’s site for some of his other more down-to-earth (or is it up-in-the-air) aircraft designs.

I don’t know about you, but I’ve put a few gazillion bucks aside for this gizmo…

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