Completed installation; we are ready for inspection!

My contractor has finished the array connections and a nicely done piece of work it is too!  Here’s a few shots of the roof mounted junction box:

The box itself contains a DIN rail that can be used for surge protectors.  I’ll install these when the other 12 panels go up.  The other end of the half inch EMT conduit terminates on a Bell weather tight box under the panels.  What’s nice about this is that I can simply extend the Enphase engage cable out to the next racks or I can choose to terminate more cables in the Bell junction box.

Here’s the completed disconnect:

My contractor also installed a 6″x6″x8″ box in the attic.  The vertical conduit terminates there along with the 20′ horizontal run.  Wires were pulled straight through this box then the hots were looped inside.  This will be where my TED5000 circuit taps will connect.  I’ll need to run BX from the computer room box up there myself to extend the TED signal carrying branch circuit (which is isolated from the rest of the house with an X10 filter).

I’ll do this after the array is commissioned.

We are almost generating power now!  my next milestones are:

  • 2:15PM electrical inspection on the 5th.
  • commissioning the system with WE energies (TBD)
Wish me luck for a trouble-free inspection!


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