Solar project update

We got plan approval and the go-ahead to build from WE energies last week!  I also filed my grant paperwork from this site after calling the listed number and being told that grant funds were still available.

The weather was pretty cool last week so I took the opportunity to run 20′ of 3/4″ EMT between the second meter location and the spot on the roof where the array junction box will be placed.  I then fine-tuned the roof rack location so it would land exactly on a rafter on the right hand side and tested a ventilation technique that promises to reduce heat build-up in the garage where we will be working.  I wasn’t too impressed with the results; it really looks like I’ll either have to do the work in the early morning hours or plan on roasting up there….

So now I’m waiting.  Waiting for Renusol VR panel racking components to be dropped off.  Waiting for my 265W Suniva panels and enPhase microinverters to arrive.  Waiting for the my contractor’s residential electricians to call me about installing the second meter.

I hate waiting…

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