Our Great Country

The voters in Wisconsin have spoken. Only history can validate or refute our collective opinion. Whatever else I may feel, one thing is certain. I feel proud to be an American. Our country accepts the people’s will as a fundamental part of our heritage. There will be no destructive riots, there will be no death threats or the use of the military as we see in so many other parts of the world when highly polarized political events occur. Instead, we will find a way to reconcile our differences and move forward. ¬†Ultimately, it is this process that will continue to shape our country. We are a great democracy, and with our “mad Google skills”, we are also an informed democracy.

Looking ahead, there’s a fiscal cliff that we are literally poised to fall off of in December. Lawmakers have to do great things between now and then to avoid it. ¬†Let’s make it our mission to learn about all of the issues surrounding this singular event because it’s not only about a President’s policies or even a President’s birthright, but rather with the world itself poised on that same cliff, its about lawmakers on all sides of the aisle taking bold, collective steps that eschew the status quo.

We need to approach next November with strength and wisdom. We need to use that same election as a way to force change now because ultimately, its not a bunch of politicians who will make the decisions, rather it is we ourselves.

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